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The Agricultural Industry | 14878 - AGRI 1234

A brief introductory to the basics of the Agricultural Industry here in the United States

Introductory Animal Science | 23452 - AGRI 4321

You guessed it, this is the intro class for Animal Science!


Art Appreciation | 23872 - ART 6574

As you may have suspected, this class is all about Art and how to appreciate it.

Figure Drawing | 23999 - ART 8745

This course will teach you all the basics that you need to know about drawing the human figure.

Business Management

Introduction to Accounting | 26587 - ACNT 8754

Before you get too deep into the Business world you will need to know some basics about Accounting.

Introduction to Computerized Accounting | 26588 - ACNT 8755

This course is pretty much just like normal accounting, but you add computers into the mix.